Azerdict is Azerbaijan’s the largest free language portal. Primary objective of azerdict project is to put into service multilingual electronic dictionaries and other resources for the purpose of fully mastering and proper utilization of both Azerbaijani language and foreign languages. Currently, within the framework of the project 4 dictionary services are in use and the increase of these services are reflected in our future plans.

Azerbaijani-English and English-Azerbaijani dictionary: As a major service of this portal via this dictionary users have access to a database having more than 150000 words, phrases, idioms and sentences. Having offered vast and exceptional opportunities in English Azerbaijani and Azerbaijani English translation this dictionary’s database is frequently and interactively updated based on feedback from users and data provided by missing words statistics function.

Explanatory dictionary of Azerbaijani language: In the database of the dictionary, which is based on the four volume books of “Explanatory dictionary of Azerbaijani language” (Baku, “Sharg-Garb”, 2006), the definition of about 45000 words of Azerbaijan literary language (including newly imported words) are well-illustrated with example sentences.

Azerbaijani Russian and Russian Azerbaijani dictionary: Taking into consideration active utilization of Russian language in Azerbaijan and its internet sphere the dictionary we provide contains overall 50000 words and phrases; 10000 in Russian Azerbaijani and 40000 in Azerbaijani Russian direction respectively.

Orthographic dictionary: Database of orthographic dictionary, which was compiled based on the new orthographic rules according to edict number 71 of May 26th, 2004 signed by President of Azerbaijan Republic and approved by Cabinet of Ministers, contains correct spelling of up to 80000 words as provided in official source without being modified.

Your feedback is always important to us. We value and appreciate receiving your compliments, suggestions or complaints (about us) so that we can improve our services. Any of your inquiry and suggestions will be evaluated and you will be contacted about the results in the shortest time. You can send us your comments, ideas and offers related to our services and work either by contacting through contact form or by social media services.